Healthy Meal Plans
Without Compromise

Healthy Meal Plans
Without Compromise

Macronutrient-balanced whole food meals, sized just for you, and delicious!

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Without Compromise…

Our mission is to provide Australians with a balanced diet using good quality nutrient-dense whole food ingredients. This mission dictates many choices we have to make as a business.

At Simply Calicious, we make a conscious choice to avoid bulking up our meals with white carbs, which provide little nutritional benefit.

Unlike many supermarket and home delivery meal brands that focus on cutting costs to gain market share, we prioritise quality and nutrition. We believe in offering meals that truly nourish you and support your well-being.

Easiest way to stay in shape; eat the right amount..

Knowing how much to eat and sticking to it is the most effective way to stay in shape. Our science-backed approach ensures you're getting the right amount of food and makes staying on track that much easier .

We offer three meal sizes to better cater to the diverse needs of Australians; without Compromise. While many of our competitors only offer one or two sizes to maximise factory efficiency and profitability, we prioritise your nutritional needs .

Why ‘Simply Calicious’...

Our approach to nutrition is simple: we use whole food ingredients and balanced macronutrients .

We focus on nutritious calories to ensure you're eating the right amount, as this makes all the difference .

And of course, it has to be delicious.

Simply Calicious

“When nature, science and humans work in harmony great things happen.”

How it Works

Step 1

Find Your Perfect Meal Plan

Take our personalised quiz to discover the perfect meal plan tailored to your goals.
If you already know what size you want, you can choose to build your own order.

Step 2

Review your dishes and make any swaps

All our meals are dietitian-approved, and we update our menu weekly to provide variety. Popular dishes will reappear, so you can either wait to see what's on the menu when it arrives at your home or review and make swaps by letting us know before we cook them. If you've used the quiz, we'll send you an email with the weekly menu, where you can indicate any swaps.

Step 3

Enjoy subscription flexibility and control

The benefits of a healthy meal plan increase the longer you stick with it, and Simply Calicious' subscriptions are designed for your convenience. Don't worry, though—you can easily skip a week, pause, or cancel anytime. Our 100% flexible service adapts to your busy life and ever-changing needs.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Finally, a Meal Service for the time poor!

I've started my fitness journey for a while now and struggled to find meals that complement my workouts. Simply Calicious has been a lifesaver! The meals taste amazing, and I love how they're tailored just for me! They've made sticking to my fitness goals so much easier!

Szekeres Dalma
5.0 Stars
Perfect Addition to My Routine

I've always been an avid gym go-er, but Simply Calicious has taken my experience to another level. The convenience of having delicious, healthy meals delivered to my door has freed up so much time and helped me focus on my training. Honestly, I can't imagine life without Simply Calicious now!

Ivy Smith
5.0 Stars
Simply Calicious Completes My Life

I never thought I'd find a meal delivery service that understands my workout needs so well. Simply Calicious meals are super tasty and nutritious, plus they save me so much time! I'm thrilled with the results I've seen since incorporating Simply Calicious into my weekly routine.

Bernadette Connor
5.0 Stars